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Race No.: Full Name: Club: Gender:
564 Nicky Deacy MEADS RUNNERSFemale
282 Stephen Dean Male
229 Jennifer Dearie Female
494 Jerome Degl'innocenti Male
454 Isabel Del Amoluque Female
306 Emma Delea Female
457 Stephen Denman Brighton & Hove City ACMale
811 Pascale Denommee Female
716 Stephen Denyer Male
900 Geoff Depper Hailsham HarriersMale
708 Kerry Derbyshire Female
141 Stephanie Dickinson Thanet Road Runners ACFemale
951 Henry Dighton Male
336 Guy Dixon Male
373 Jeanette Dobson Female
653 Luke Docksey Male
930 Steve Doggett Male
922 Wayne Doherty Male
928 Erin Doherty Female
176 Andrew Donno Eastbourne Rovers ACMale
31 Caroline Donoghue Female
785 Matthew Dowle Team Bodyworks XTCMale
503 Mark Downey Male
201 Peter Drake Hailsham HarriersMale
455 Lesley Draper Female
673 Cathy Drew-Beresford Female
914 John Dryden Lewes ACMale
212 Claire Duffield Female
745 Olia Dukova Male
95 Kirsty Duncan Female

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