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What We Need

Our Volunteers have so far helped us raise over £110,000.

In order to stage the Eastbourne Half Marathon we need over 100 volunteers to help with everything from putting up signage, marshalling, car park stewards to lead cyclists and tail end walkers!! Without these fantastic people this event and many others like it just simply would not happen. See the charities page to see how much money the Eastbourne Half marathon and our volunteers have raised to date - and this is just what we have managed to directly donate ourselves. Thousands and thousands more pounds have been raised by individuals for other charities who use the half marathon as a 'vehicle' for raising money. Volunteering on events such as these can be a thankless but albeit a very necessary task especially if it is cold and wet but equally the benefits of feeling that you are helping others and encouraging runners of all abilities to reach their goals is very rewarding. Every year we find it harder and harder to get the number of volunteers that we require - so if you can spare any time or would simply just like to find out more then please do register (click here) as a volunteer or contact us (click here).

Thank you,
Eastbourne Half Marathon Organising team
D, H, M, S

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