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Route Change 2020

The Eastbourne Half Marathon's usual route runs out of princess park west bound towards the pier spending the majority of the time on the road. In November 2019 there was a large hotel fire at the Claremont causing the road and promenade to close and has been ever since.

This has been an ever changing situation almost daily meaning when we sent out the race packs we also sent a revised route to all competitors. This route took you onto the lower promenade just before the pier (the same as the return route but heading west not east).

However, since sending these out we have been given permission by the council to use the top promenade (which is far closer to the original route). As such at the pier you will keep left running along the top promenade all the way through the top of the bandstand until just before the Western Lawns where you will rejoin the road as normal just before the life boat museam.

We have not made any amendments to the printed map due to the contingency running alongside the old route, don't worry there will be plenty of signs and marshals to show you the way.

Please note: the lead car is not allowed on the promenade and will bear right at the pier, the race for this section will be led by our lead cyclist team.
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